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Laurie-Aimee <3

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3/9/11 08:06 pm - YO :)

I love Yo Sushi a little bit too much, I went for my tea with my mum and Jeremy (sister) and we ate fourteen plates between us!
We had-
Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Noodles
Chocolate Mochi

...between us.

And I had-
Crab Rolls with Sweet Chilli
Seared Tuna Lion 
Spicy Chicken Roll
Crayfish Salad

It's so nice! And my mum paid as well, super bonus. Then it was all about Boost and I got a Lemon Crush (I'm so boring I never have anything different!)

Work was bearable at least it went fast :/ I can't wait for the day I can pack it in and tell them their poxy job SUCKS. Oh well, new job starts on Saturday, at least I get a free gym membership. I'll be like Mrs Universe bodybuilder in about three months HA :)

Good day, nice evening, only thing missing was Simon. I spent half of last night just kissing him. He has such a girly mouth and for some reason he always tastes of coconut. At least I get to see him tomorrow, then the weeks almost over!

3/8/11 01:30 pm - Sick.

So I took a day off work because I felt horrible when I woke up :(
I'm pretty sure it was the after effects of the dust attack I suffered yesterday when I was made to clean the dustiest lamps EVER in work. Oh I hate my job >:(

My face was all puffy and itchy and I could hardly breathe, my nostrils are still all watery and gummed up. I HATE being bunged up.

On a plus note I ate pancakes for my lunch, it being pancake day and all :) I had mine with lemon and sugar, Nutella is better but we didn't have any and I'm not paying the stupid money at the Co-Op. So I went without the chocolate and had the sugar instead which was still nice. My interview went well, they asked me to come in on Saturday for a trial period which made me happy so I bought myself a Bueno bar on the way home as a treat, yay :)

On a down note, I have to go into Clearing for my University application to do a PCGE in teaching...should be fun. NOT.

I think I will probably go and eat the remaning two pancakes I made now...

3/7/11 07:31 pm - Eleven :)

Well today I have a mini-quiz for you all. I'm feeling a little poorly after having an allergic reaction to dusting all the (filthy!) lamps in work and I can't breathe and I'm sick of wiping my nose, it's too sore :(

First Name:
Lauren or Laurie.

2. Age:
21...not far off 22 eek.

3. Location:
Manchester, UK in my bedroom.

4. Occupation:
Sales Advisor in River Island (slave labour.)

5. Partner:
Simon <3

6. Kids:
Too young thankyou!

7. Brothers/Sisters:
One younger sister @ fifteen.

8. Pets:
None :( I want a pug puppy though and I want to call it Mushu.

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
1. Working at River Island and hating it so trying to find a new job.
2. Simon in general :)
3. Trying to get into Uni to do a PGCE this September.

10. Parents:
Mum and Dad still happily married thankyou :)

11. Who are some of your closest friends:
Simon (my partner too!), Mikayla (known her since I was 2), Mandy (known her since I was 11 and she's expecting a baby!) and Laura (known her since I was 17 and went shopping with her on Saturday.)

So there's my little quiz. I feel so horribly bunged up I've tried having a Piriton and it doesn't appear to be doing much. If anyone knows any good communities on LJ that match my interests or you just think I'd fit feel free to comment or friend yourself to me. I don't know many people here yet but I did add a couple of nice sounding people last night. I think I added someone who was travelling Thailand, if that's you, HI! I love Thailand and Thai food :)

If I get the receptionist job at the gym tomorrow I get free membership which is cool because I'm weird and I actually really like the gym and swimming...I'll probably update with lots of "!" and capital letters of excitement if I do get it. Or maybe not, I'm at Simon's tomorrow night so I don't tend to get online until 10pm. Well, this weekend could be my last anyway if I get this job because it's Saturday and Sunday hours (not that I care, it's better for me anyway) so I think I should probably plan something interesting!


3/6/11 07:15 pm - :)

Well, this is all new to me :)

Today I went out with my sister Jeremy (her real name is Jemma but nobody calls her that anymore, don't know why) to Tesco's because I wanted to look for a bronze coloured eyeshadow. Our Tesco is HUGE apparently it's the biggest in the UK so I figured there was a pretty good chance of getting one from there especially since it has a huge makeup department, optician department, it's own bike shop etc :/

So I bought one as one of those eyeshadow crayon-y thingies that's quite nice and it was cheap (£1.50) and bought a dress too. It's black with a white Peter Pan collar and Jeremy said I look like Twiggy in it which can only be a good thing.

Then we headed to me Nana's and had sunday roast and watched I Love You Phillip Morris...what a weird funny and sad film that is. I wasn't sold on Jim Carrey a a gay man but Ewan Macgregor is lovely so I could watch even the rudey bits :)

Back to work tomorrow...I hope my job interview goes okay on Tuesday. I applied to work as a receptionist in my local gym and thought I hadn't been considered when I got a late phone call asking me to come in. It's round the corner and I get a free membership...got to be better than River Island where I'm treated like a slave :)
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